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What We Do And Who We Are

Green Dragon Tai Chi & Qigong offers classes in the ancient Chinese martial art Tai Chi, mixed with techniques from Qigong—both excellent ways to build strength and life energy known as Chi. Green Dragon is led by experienced martial artist and instructor Chris Burnett.


What They Say About Us

“I really like Chris and his approach to teaching tai chi and chi gong. He is easy going and has a sense of humor with it all, which I enjoy and appreciate. He also teaches to your level, wherever it is, and is very patient. I also like that he is knowledgeable about the principles of tai chi, and explains them and demonstrates them. I especially enjoy Green Dragon Tai Chi because we take time to apply the movements of tai chi as a martial art, and we practice in a non competitive way (well, sometimes competitive). ;-)”

Michael Benjamin


“I was fortunate to take several months of lessons with Chris this past year. He not only helped me refine my movements of the Yang style long form, he also opened my eyes to how the martial and health/meditative aspects of Tai Chi are inextricably connected. Though we didn’t have a chance to go into a lot of depth with Push Hands, I learned enough to glimpse what a powerful tool this practice would be toward mental and physical balance and strength. If I ever have a chance to reside in the NE Ohio area again, Chris will be my top choice for Tai Chi and Push Hands instruction. It’s going to be tough to find an instructor with his level of knowledge, passion and patience. Thank you, Sifu Chris!”

Tulsi Nadote


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