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As a Tai Chi and Martial Arts instructor I’ve seen many people commit to exercise, exercise programs and lifestyle changes including Tai Chi. Many of these people succeed in their goals and find the satisfaction they were looking for when they decided to start. There are those however who never meet their goals. They fall short for various reasons, dropping

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The video featured here is the one that precedes the video in the following blog. Virada Chatikul of White Goose Chen Taiji  ( wrote a blog about our visit to San Francisco and the video series we made. I am truly honored by this and enjoyed the writing so here it is: Relaxing is harder thank it looks Also this

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ChrisSan Fransisco Visit 2017
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Many skills can be developed through proper Tai Chi practice. It all starts with relaxation which will lead to sticking, indentifying, neutralizing and issuing. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to Tai Chi I will assume that you are aware of the importance of relaxation. So here I will write about sticking.             When we think of Sticking

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Chris“Stick, Follow, Lead, Don’t run! A look at Sticking and primary skills in Tai Chi Chuan”
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 My first experience with Silk Reeling came from Master Tony Wong’s group in San Francisco. Milena and I went out to meet and train with him several years back. Tony teaches in several cities in the Bay area, San Francisco, Daly City and San Mateo to name a couple. Our first day he told us to meet him in his

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ChrisChan Su Jing (Silk Reeling Energy)
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If you’re like most of the people in Tai Chi Classes chances are you are a very dedicated student, as long as class is in session. What happens when you leave class? Do you take the principles you learn and apply them everyday? The teacher or instructor is there to guide you and show you the way. It is up

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ChrisPractice Everyday
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We were honored to be included in the 2015 Cleveland asian Festival! I would like to thank Milena Voronkin, Diana Lehotsky and Cory Willoughby for helping with our presentation. We did the Loajia Yilu and Yand style 24 forms and showed some martial apllications.

ChrisGreen Dragon Performs at Asian Festival

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