Tai Chi Workshop- Light San Shou


                                                          January Workshop

                                                             Light San Shou

                                Transitioning from Partner Drills to Light Sparring

  • Learn two man patterns that increase sensitivity, timing and root

  • Add Footwork to the drills increasing mobility

  • Learn to transition from one pattern into the next without a break in flow

  • Put it all together to enter light sparring with Strikes, jointlocks and takedowns

In This Workshop we will use popular movements from the Tai Chi Forms and exercise them as partner drills. Using footwork and timing we will transition the drills into light sparring techniques. We will do this in a fun, safe environment as we improve our overall view of Tai Chi martial skill

*Anyone who will be competing in the Arnold Classic Push Hands tournament in March of 2019 will benefit from this workshop. We will also cover techniques and rules of the moving step push hands. (Everything will translate into this venue except the striking)

Date and Time: January 5th and 6th 2019 from 9:00am til 3:00pm both days

Location: St. Philip Neri 799 E.82nd Cleveland, Ohio 44103

Cost:$70 per day (Click to Register)


 $140.00 for both Days (Click to Register for both days)

*if you have MMA Gloves please bring

Tai Chi Connection Annual Workshop

August 18 and 19

Our 4th Annual Workshop has arrived! Sifu Lester Holmes will be bringing his knowledge and skills up from Florida once again. Also sharing in the teaching spotlight will be Master Ma from champagne Illinois and Steve Harrigan and Karla Groesbeck from Ann Arbor Mi.
Lester Holmes will cover:
Tao Gong Moving meditation
5 Style Stepping
Push Hands A-Z with Applications

Master Ma will cover:
Chansijing: Silk Reeling and applications

Steve and Karla will share:
A two person partner drill/form

Lots of good information, always a great time!

Location: 23131 Lakeshore Blvd, Euclid, OH 44123 (Sims Park)

Day and time: Sat. August 18th and Sunday August 19th 10:00am til 4:00pm

$100.00 for one day
$175.00 for both days

Click this link to register for one day!:
Click this link to register for two days!:

T shirts will be optional this year. 25.00 extra charge if you wish to remember this great event with a T. We could not include it in the registration as we intend to pay more teachers who will be sharing this year. Thanks!

Tai Chi Push Hands Workshop with Sifu Nicholas Alsup


Join us for another Awesome Workshop!!
This  year we will once again host Sifu Nicholas Alsup for another awesome workshop!
Sifu Nick will share his eight energies form.
In addition we will work on:
-Effective Martial Applications
-Chin Na Groundwork (Includes some Jiu Jitsu elements)

For those who don’t know Sifu Alsup is a National level push hands Champion with many accomplishments. With over 19 years of Tai Chi Chuan training and experience he has taught all ages. He is the owner of 5 Elements Fitness in O’Fallon Illinois. Last year’s workshop was very practical, informative and fun! We look forward to another great and exciting workshop.

Location: Saturday Sims Park  23131 Lakesgore Blvd. Euclid Ohio 44123 (Unless it is raining.In case of rain we will meet at the Asian Town Center 3820 Superior Ave. Cleve. Oh. 44114)

Sunday: Wildcat Sport and Fitness 6116 Wilson Mills Rd. Mayfield Village 44143

Time: 10:00am til 4:00pm both days with a one hour lunch

Cost is $75.00 for one Day or $125.00 both.

Click the link for Registration
Contact for more information

                              Click the Picture above to view last years workshop

    Also here is a link of him in competition

January Workshop


                             Sifu Chris Burnett (Tai Chi and Bak Mei Kung Fu)


                            Steven Slaughter (4th Degree Black Belt Hapkido)

                            Present Qinna (Chin Na) Workshop Jan 6th and 7th

What we will cover:

  • Theory of Chin Na- Jointlocking/dividing the muscles sealing the breath or vein/pressure point

  • Intro to Silk Reeling/ Dan Tien rotation/Kua exercise

  • Stepping and timing exercise

  • Various  Jointlocks and jointlocking combinations

  • Jointlock Flow 2 partner exercise

  • How to escape Jointlocks

  • Intro to dividing the muscle/sealing breath or vein

  • Intro to Pressure Points


          Saturday January 6th and Sunday January 7th 10:00 am til 4:00 p.m both days


          Wildcat Sport and Fitness 6116 Wilson Mills Rd. Mayfield Village, Ohio 44142


          $120.00 for both days or $60.00 for one day

Contact:     216-309-0579

Free Push Hands Meetup every Sunday!


Every Sunday join us for Tui Shou/Push Hands. If you are a new or experienced Tai Chi practitioner we welcome you! To truly understand Tai Chi and the underlying principles push hands practice is a must. First we must learn ourselves, then we learn others and lastly we learn nature. Push hands is a bridge of understanding between ourselves and others. We meet in a friendly non competitive environment to exchange knowledge and skills. Message me for details.

August Workshop Huge Success!


This year the turnout for the workshop was phenomenal. We many teachers and students alike. Each person contributed to the success of the workshop and all the teachers were willing to share their knowledge. Sifu Lester Holmes led the mornings with some really nice qigong and stretching exercises. Then working on the Temple style methods of attaching hands, five style stepping, methods of change and various applications that smoothly integrated with the stepping. Master Ma Long from Champagne Illinois led a huge segment based on his Chen Style Taiji. He demonstrated a beautiful, yet powerful form and led the group through several applications related to the form and a silk reeling exercise that he shared. His student Ernest Krolick also helped teach using a very eloquent speaking style with a naturally embedded sense of humor. Steve Harrigan and Karla Groesbeck of Good EnerChi Studio in Ann Arbor Michigan also had many great gifts to share including a two person 88 form. They appeared as if locked in a flow of application that was as martially savvy as it was stunning to behold. At the end of each day we engaged in freestyle push hands and shared in weapons forms and techniques. All skill levels benefitted as the seasoned practitioners worked with the not so seasoned to ensure they grasped the material. With other teachers present such as Robert Rhym, Dave Mullett, Elena Hissett, Ernest Krolick and myself there was plenty of knowledge to share as we were also learning. Overall a great workshop, every year just gets better and better. Many thanks and blessings!


Early Registration has begun for our Annual August Workshop With Sifu Lester


Once Again Sifu Lester is bringing the good stuff up from Florida to Ohio. Click the pic for a short video of highlights from last year! This will be our third annual gathering for the Workshop and Picnic and as usual all skill levels are welcome and encouraged to participate. Everybody will gain from this experience!
We will cover:

– 5 Style Stepping
– Methods of Change (Flow drill with partner or solo)
– Da Lu (LArge Rollback Drill)
– Grasp the Sparrows Tail (Peng Lu Ji An-primary energies)
– Heaven and Earth Qigong
– Push Hands (Single hand, Two hand, fixed and moving)

A session on Silk Reeling and Fajin from Chen Style master Ma, Long!

For those returning we will build upon what we have started. For new registrants you will build a solid foundation upon which to grow.

Dates: Fri August 25th and Sat August 26th from 10:00 a.m. til 4:00 p.m 1 hour break for lunch
Location: Sims Park, 23131 Lakeshore Blvd, Euclid, OH 44123
Cost: $150.00 for both days/early registration. $75.00 (before July 15th)

Cost After July 15th $175.00 for both days or $100.00 a day
Tee shirts will be included to remember this great event

Click the following link to register:

Join us Sunday 8/27/2017 for our Annual Cookout from 11:00am til 4:00pm. This part of the event is free. We will do forms, weapons, applications and push hands. Anyone is encourage to participate or watch. Plenty of good food and good company!

Picnic Location: Mayfield Heights City Park Located on Marsol Road. Right next to the tennis courts under pavilion B

Workshop with Sifu Nicholas Alsup


Sifu Nicholas Alsup will share his skill and insights into Forms, Push Hands and applications for Self Defense. With over 17 years of practice in Tai Chi Chuan he has proven to be a new generation Master. During the Workshop we will be creating a professional quality documentary for those who are interested in being a part of it. We will be covering:
– Push Hands
– Practical Application
– Silk reeling
– 8 energies, footwork and more!

Sifu Nicholas in action:

Cost will be $50.00 per day.
Event will take place on April 29th and April 30th. Please register as early as possible
Contact: to register

Location: Sims Park 23131 Lakeshore Blvd, Euclid, Ohio 44123



                              Push Hands/Tai Chi Ball Workshop

                                      With Sifu Chris Burnett

We covered:

  • Rooting Exercises

  • Dan Tien Rotation and Connectivity/Overview of Tai Chi Ball

  • Tai Chi Principles including Peng, Lu, Ji, An

  • Single hand Push hands

  • Double Hand Push hand Drills

  • Freestyle Push hands Fixed Step and Moving

  • Applications that show whole body connectivity and Dan Tian rotation

Green Dragon Tai Chi had it’s first workshop of the year Jan 7th. The Workshop was awesome. Participation was excellent. Using Tai Chi Ball, light bowling ball, medicine ball or any weighted sphere that can be used for exercise we explored ways to maximize movement by increasing the body’s connectivity.  Increase Dan Tian power and learn the function and importance of the Kwa.  It was an excellent Workshop for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike!

Click on the date for one of the videos. You can click on the picture for a different video from workshop. And you can copy and paste this link for another one:

Workshop Video


The Workshop with Sifu Lester was a huge success. I think that the video represents this in more ways than words could. To view the video click on the green words Workshop Video on the left or you may copy and paste the link here:

The Picnic was also a success. Alot of fun, forms, weapons, food, great company and conversation. To view a video of the picnic click on the date of this post or copy and paste here:

Also for a video of the applications you may click on the Picture!

Time to sign up for August Workshop!


2016 -Tai Chi Workshop with Sifu Lester Holmes!Come Train with Sifu Lester Holmes! Together we will unlock Tai Chi’s “lost movements”. August 26th and 27th then stick around August 28th for our second annual Green Dragon Tai Chi picnic! The last weekend in August we will be continuing our work from last year! Don’t worry if you missed last year we will do a review to catch you up to speed! We will do energy work known as Qigong. We will also be refining the movements of the forms. In addition to learning the techniques of the Mother Form, no matter what style you practice these exercises will take your Tai Chi to another level, so will the flexible strength training exercises that we will do. Sifu Lester will also teach:

  • Five Style Stepping
  • Hands Attaching
  • Introduction to Push Hands- fixed step and moving step
  • Advanced Push Hand techniques (for experienced practitioners)
  • Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail Four Corners
  • How to apply the form in terms of self defense

If you are already a practitioner this workshop will provide you with tools and knowledge to take you to the next stage of your training. If you are new to Tai Chi, no worries this is the start you need to solidify the basics! Sifu Lester will also be available before and after the workshops for private lessons. You can also schedule a private lesson with him Sunday during the picnic, take an hour and advance your skill.

Location: Sims Park Located in Euclid Ohio in the Cleveland area. Sunday, the picnic will be held at Euclid Creek Metropark in the Upper Highland Picnic Area near Highland rd. Entrance

Times: 10:00am til noon -break for lunch- 2:00pm til 5:00pm/August 26th and 27th. Then Sunday August 28th picnic will be 10:00am til 4:00pm-come and go as you wish

cost: $175.00 per person covers both days/ or $100.00 for one day. T-shirts will be provided to remember this great event! If paying by check make checks payable to Green Dragon Tai Chi

Contact: Chris Burnett 216-309-0579 to register!!

Click Pic for short highlight vid of last year



Green Dragon attended the Great Lakes Kung Fu Championships. We competed in Advanced Forms, Fixed Step Push Hands and Moving Step Push Hands. Chris Burnett received first place in all three events. Milena Voronkin participated in the Womens Fixed Step Push Hands and received a first place as well. As each year passes we would like to have more and more participants from Green Dragon to uphold the principles of True Tai Chi Push Hands. Winning is fun but it is not what is most important. As we compete these are the only questions that matter:

Did I do my best?

Did I represent the principles of my art well?

Did I display sportsmanlike conduct?

Did I learn anything?

Was I able to help someone else learn something?

The answers to these questions are what determine if we make ourselves proud or not.

…at least in my opinion…

Click the pick to see highlights from the Fixed step and Moving Step Push Hands!

Tribute to Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou

September 2015

Upon the passing of Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou several of his Taiji Groups around the country filmed tributes to be sent to his family in China. Chen Taiji Ohio is one such group, Green Dragon was invited to participate and gladly accepted. Grandmaster Chen left behind many students and friends around the world and is greatly missed.  Although I have never met the Master himself I have had the pleasure of learning Taiji from three of his students, Sifu Carl Dechiara while he was in Cleveland, Sifu Jeff Radcliff in Columbus Oh and Master Tony Wong In San Francisco. I have also had the great honor of being a part of several training sessions with his son, Master Chen Youze. My Taiji is directly influenced by his great teachings and I am eternally grateful. To view the filming of the Tribute in Ohio Click the Picture. Here we are practicing Lao Jia YiLu. Grandmaster Chen swore to his Master Chen Zhaopei to uphold the original form of Laojia because more and more it is becoming mixed with Xinjia ( The second road). He passed this form down over the  many years of his life. In this video we are representing that form and doing our part to preserve it.

August workshop update


The Workshop with Sifu Lester Holmes was a great success. We added new members to our Tai Chi family! The energy there was awesome, nothing but positivity. We learned some great applications and Sifu Lester covered everything that we promised in the flyer. It’s hard to imagine we learned and went over so much in between all the fun and laughter. But we do take our Tai Chi seriously and it shows. To view a mashup of the workshop and the first annual Green Dragon Picnic just click on the picture of the workshop above.

First Annual Picnic!


The first Annual Green Dragon Picnic will be held August 30th at Euclid Creek Metropark in the Upper Highland Picnic Area. Everyone is welcome to attend! Please bring your own food, for those interested in Pot Luck that can be arranged. There are grills there for those interested in cooking on site. The space is ours from 10a.m. til 10p.m. We will practice outside. I will demonstrate the forms with each class group. Feel free to ask any questions, if you do not wish to demonstrate just relax and observe (you will be on grill duty lol). This is a good opportunity to meet the good people from the other classes. I will give demonstrations of the forms including Yang Style, Chen Style and Tai Chi Sword. Anyone else who wishes to demonstrate a form or techniques are encouraged to do so! For those interested  we will have fun doing Push Hands. So Mark your clendars!  Wear loose clothing and prepare to have fun.

Asian Festival Promo


Some of the performers for the upcoming Asian Festival were asked to do a Promo shoot with Fox 8 News Kickin’ it with Kenny Show. When they asked me I said umm…let me check my schedule…a chance to be in front of the camera? Hmmm… So we all headed down to the Asian Plaza on Kenny Crumpton time schedule (wee hours). There were some really great people there. The kids in the video clip were focused and skillful, humble and respectful. They had to go on first because they still had to change and go to school…versatile warriors. The Cosplay entertainers were eccentric and open. Two of them were engaged and had met on an online game! Love Bytes…hahaaaaa…okay moving on. The Lady who performed the traditional Indian dance was as talented as she was sweet, owning a couple of dance studios in the country she has her senior students teach while she is away. A couple of the Cosplay players were martial artists with years of experience. I was invited to do a skit with the Cosplay team. I was asked to “play fight” with Tim, who played Captain #6 from Bleach (Japanese Anime). Tim (In Picture next to Kenny) studied some Wu Style Tai Chi and several styles of Karate. He and I rehearsed some moves before our segment was to be filmed. We did some open hand techniques and it all flowed pretty well. “Good, let’s do that when the camera rolls.” I said. “Ok.” He replied. Soon they put us in position to introduce us and all the Cosplay players. Tim and I are lined up with the rest behind Lisa Wong, Kenny and Yin Tang. The countdown to broadcast begins “10, 9, 8, 7…” . “Ok like before, nice and smooth.” I say. The Bleach Captain nods in agreement. The filming begins and as Kenny and Yin speak they walk away to give us room. From behind the scenes they signal us to start our “fight.” The other Cosplayers are supposed to fade into the back and watch but they are fixated. So I turn to circle the good Captain and wait…what’s he doing? Drawing his sword? No that’s not what we did earlier Tim Lol! The cameras are live so we circle and there’s no way in real life I would attack a swordsman head on… not without finding a sword of my own! But I do my best to try to keep movement alive for the camera and we both have fun circling and throwing a few mock moves. If you click on the picture it will take you to the webpage with the footage of all the segments. My segments are on the second and fourth Videos.  The last segment I do is about three minutes of the Chen Style Tai Chi Form. All in all a pretty fun morning…the festival should be great. I will be performing May 17th 4:30 on yep…the Dragon Stage.

Master Chen Youze Workshops

Feb 9 2015

The following post is from Taiji Ohio. I am posting this on the Green Dragon site because I have trained with Master Chen in the past and attended a workshop in Columbus where he will be. I urge anyone interested in elevating their skill to attend at least one of the workshops. I will be attending the push hands workshop and possibly one of the others. I intended to host Master Chen here in Cleveland but may not get the chance to this year. Let’s aim for getting him here next year. I will mention it again toward the end of the year to see who will be interested.

Good Training Everyone!

Master Chen Youze: a 20th Generation direct descendant of Chen Family Taijiquan and the eldest son of Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou. He is a three-time national confrontational push-hand champion, a China National coach, and is the Competition Judge for China national wushu forms, weapons and Chen Style push hands. He was also appointed as the Head Instructor for Guan Dao team in Chen Village for the first Annual International Taijiquan Conference. He is widely acknowledged for his distinctive Fa Jin power.

Chen Youze 2015 Arnold Push Hands Workshop

Date/Time:   Friday March 6th  7:00 – 9:00pm

Location:   Convention Center

Helpful Tips: PLEASE pay ahead and bring your ticket. If you do not pay ahead, you will need to get there at least 1 hour early. The line to buy your ticket there wraps all the way through the hallway with all the other participants for ALL events. Bring your cell phone in case you need to contact us.

Contact Persons: Nadean 614-915-7019

                              Jeff 614-579-8020.

 Chen Youze Workshops at Tuttle Recreational Center

Dates: Sunday March 8  ~  Saturday March 14  ~  Sunday March 15

Time:  9-5pm each day

Agenda: Learn Lau Jia Yi Lu, the 400 year old form from which many tai chi forms trace their roots back to.

Workshop Fee Options:   One day – $120 (guests $140)

                                            Two days –  $220 (guests $240)

                                            Three days –  $300 (guests $350)

Note: If you are paying the day of the event the payment is CASH ONLY – pay before participating

Do not warm up or join in any activity before paying for the workshop. Come directly to Nadean and pay. She’s there in the parking lot in a silver Camry 1 hour before the workshop, or inside.

Please don’t make her pull you out to settle up!!  Pay ahead and be ready!!!

Location: Tuttle Park Recreation Center is located close to OSU

                  240 W. Oakland Ave

                  Columbus 43261.

Directions: North on High St. –  3 streets past Lane Ave – turn Left on Oakland Ave – Go 1 block, cross Neil Ave and it dead-ends into the recreational center.


               One day $100 (guests $120)

               Two days $200 (guests $220)

               Three days $280 (guests $300)

Paying by Checks:  Checks payable to Jeff Radcliff.

                                  Mail to Nadean Hayes 111 College St. A, Groveport, Ohio 43125