2019 Annual Green Dragon Picnic

You are invited to join us for our Annual Green Dragon Tai Chi Picnic!

We will have plenty of good food and good times!

We share Tai Chi forms and weapon forms as well as Push Hands!

Or you can just sit back and relax!

Meet the rest of the Green Dragon family and Join us for a day of great comradery!

Please RSVP and let us know if you can bring anything!

Date and time: Sunday September 8th, 11am til 3:00pm

Qigong workshop with Dr. Ted Cibik

Sunday October 13th 12:00-4:00pm

Life can be stressful at times for all of us. Especially for those whose jobs are related to taking care of others. Anytime you are constantly engaging with people there is an energy exchange. Not all energy is good. Energy can contain emotional content and negativity, things that can unbalance your system, mood and well- being over time.

In this workshop Dr. Ted Cibik will present great tools for everyone to cleanse, de-stress, ground and balance their energies. These tools are beneficial for everyone and can be applied to everyday life. They are especially important in jobs where there is constant personal interaction. Jobs such as:

  • Nurses/Physicians
  • Therapists/Psychiatrists
  • Massage therapists
  • Counselors
  • Health care workers
  • Restaurant workers/Servers

In this workshop Dr. Cibik will teach you:

  • Deep breathing techniques to heal and calm the system (great for organs and circulation)
  • How to calm the mind when feeling anxious
  • Ways of grounding your energy and emotions
  • How to cleanse your system of foreign energy
  • How to balance Yin/Yang within the body, the energy centers and meridians (energy pathways)

Dr. Ted Cibik’s credentials are:

  • Background in pre-med from the University of Pittsburgh
  • Doctorial Degree in Chinese Medicine  (specializing in both oncology and immunology)
  • Expertise in the Chinese therapies of QiGong, moxibustion, An Mo (visceral manipulation), Jing point therapy, Tui Na (muscle manipulation), Jie Gu (bone setting), herbology.
  • 50 years of meditation and breathwork practice and research, including Zen, Buddhist, Silvan, Taoist, TM, and QiGong
  • Certification in Herbal Medicines from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
  • Ongoing study of Classical Chinese medicine techniques with Dr. Jeffery Yuen.
  • 89th generation Chinese Physician and Priest



Location: Wildcat Sport and Fitness 6116 Wilson Mills Rd. Mayfield Village 44134

Cost $100.00 Contact Chris Burnett to register 216-309-0579

or email cburnett@greendragontaichi.com to register

Green Dragon Annual Workshop with Sifu Chris Burnett Jan 4th and 5th 2020

Push Hands, Chin Na, Take downs and Light Sparring

More details to come!!