August Annual Tai Chi Workshop One Day




Saturday August 10th Sigung Richard Clear will cover the following:
-Internal Push Hands
-Zhong Ding
Applications & Power
-Sinking the Chi & Rooting
-Peng & Return Force
-Ting jin (The secret gateway to Tai Chi Mastery)

Time: 9:00am til 3:00pm
Location: 799 E.82nd St. Cleveland Ohio 44103

Then Sunday August 11th Master Ma Long will cover:
-Stretching Exercises
-Review of the Takedowns and Strikes From Last Year
-Zhan Zhuang (Standing Mediatation)
-Push Hands

Also Sunday August 11th Sifu Harry Legg will cover:
-The Power of Breath
-Whole Body Breathing
– The Health and Healing Benefits
– Martial Applications
– Improve Ting Jin

And Greg Knollmeyer will cover:
Internal Wave for health and self defense.
-Developing Wave in Solo Practice
-Applying wave in push hands

Sunday Location: Sims Park, 23131 Lakeshore Blvd, Euclid Ohio, 44123


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